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October 23, 2023. 



Hello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Tricia, but most people call me Trix, I’m a content creator and multi-creative artist and I’ve always had a huge imagination and it almost seems like my imagination expands every year. So naturally I’m very interested in making different kinds of art (like digital drawing, music, and writing), and quite recently I even discovered worldbuilding and how to run a solo RPG via other creators on YouTube.

Although my YouTube channel is not really about D&D, solo RPG, Worldbuilding or such, but more about personal growth, spirituality, and philosophy, I still have a sweet spot for these kinds of things. Even cozy gaming is dear to my heart. So I decided that instead of integrating these things into my YouTube channel, I would start a blog and website – this one – about it instead. I also want to connect RPG and Worldbuilding to mental health and everything I talk about on my channel since it – at least to me – goes very much hand in hand! Creative people and people who like fantasy and worldbuilding are often affected by mental health problems and often these things can act as an aid to soothe what’s difficult around us.

So I really want this to be a place for all types of people; gamers, roleplayers, worldbuilders, people who want to improve their lives, philosophers, and creative people alike! This is also a place where I share both my thoughts and creative writing such as stories based on roleplay etc. Sometimes I also might write more like personal memoirs, and sometimes I might write more like articles. Of course, there will be pure fiction in between posts as well!

So to summarize this post: this is my own world. That means that I write my own things here, both regarding worldbuilding and RPG and gaming, but also about my creativity and life in general.

Thanks for stopping by!


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