Welcome to my website. This website is still under construction.



My name is Tricia but people call me Trix and I'm a world builder, role-player, writer, digital artist and I also do other things since I'm multi-creative! I'm also autistic and speak a lot about autism to raise acceptance and awareness and lower the stigma about these kinds of disabilities.


What this website is for

Here I share mostly what's in my imagination, such as


Worldbuilding: I build worlds both for my fictional novels and for my RPG campaigns and even tabletop roleplaying games I'm developing!


Digital art: I create art digitally in my iPad and in my computer and I make both adoptables and commissions for others, graphics for my worlds and TTRPG games, illustrations for my original characters and more.


Games: I'm developing TTRPGs and roleplaying games with my art. You can browse my games here on the site.


Coding: Right now I code two web apps. One is a gamified self-care and positive psychology resources app and one is a roleplaying app. I'm also learning to create HTML5 and browser games, mostly for fun.


I do a lot of things, and please feel free to visit my professional portfolio at www.trixartstudio.com for more stuff in other creative fields such as music, writing and graphic design. This site mostly focus on projects in coding, digital art, worldbuilding and gaming/building games.


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